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Joys of blackberries

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And halfway between the engorged tasteless things you get in stores and the small tart things we used to have in the backyard – yep, juicy perfect blackberries with flavor!

A whole pint for $1.50.

36th & Walnut. They had only about 5 more pints, so hurry.

No, I’m not sharing.




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and then I remember that I’m not actually a big fan of green bell peppers…



Shepherd’s pie in five easy days

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It’s too hot to cook. That’s my excuse for why it will take four days to make Shepherd’s Pie.

Day 1: Have the roast that provided the leftovers
Day 2: Brown the flour for gravy. Decide that it is too fucking hot to cook.
Day 3: Buy milk for mashed potatoes. Make gravy and add diced roast, carrots, and peas. Decide that it is too fucking hot to keep cooking.
Day 4 (tomorrow): Make mashed potatoes. Hollow out bell peppers, pour in meat mixture, add a layer of shredded smoked cheddar, top with potatoes. Decide that it’s too fucking hot to actually bake the stuffed peppers
Day 5: Invite someone over and eat the stuffed peppers because I don’t actually have a container deep enough to hold the peppers for freezing

Five. Five days to make sheperd’s pie. Well, six if I boil the potatoes and decide that it’s too hot to mash them.

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