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lists lists lists

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To do tomorrow morning

  • Breakfast (which do I want?
    • leftover biscuits toasted with honey butter or
    • toasted bagel with roasted red pepper cream cheese – and maybe Kenyan collard greens)
  • Clean cat’s water fountain before she kills me in my sleep
  • pare leather
  • Grocery store
    • cheap tissues for my desk at work
    • 2 pkgs ground turkey (3lb for $5.99)
    • canned beans (I think this week had the same brand on sale as my coupon – maybe that was last week)
    • chicken breast? (it’s on sale as cheap as it ever gets, but I still have some in by freezer.)
    • yellow onions
  • Make meatballs with the ground turkey, cook them, and then freeze them. If I get bored, make the rest into hamburger patties. Save out a pint or so for ma-po tofu.
  • Call my grandmother!

Oh! It’s not on the list, but I went to the gym this morning. If I can manage to get there on Friday, it’ll be almost like having a schedule.

Food I have
3 apples
lots of potatoes
collard greens
roasted red pepper
pickled kale
acorn squash
1/2 a purple onion on fridge
1 cucumber
some sliced cucumber in fridge (might not still be good)

leftover beef roast
chicken/duck stock
soft tofu

tzatziki sauce
honey butter
feta cheese
small bit of leftover shredded cheese
roasted red pepper cream cheese
1/2 pint heavy cream

1/2 honey wheat loaf made in bread machine – too dense to just eat plain
bits and ends of a semolina boule from Sunday
leftover biscuits

food I can make with that
beef sliced thinly with potatoes with garlic and onions.

breakfast on biscuits or bagels
dinner – sandwich? with turkey burger patty… cucumbers?… red pepper… mustard… maybe some grilled onion… tzatziki sauce?… can you just eat collard greens like lettuce?

free breakfast at faculty club
dinner – mashed potatoes (with the rest of tzatziki, some of the heavy cream, and the shredded cheese bits. And stock?) possibly with collard greens like colcannon

breakfast – either bagels or biscuits, whichever I didn’t have Thursday
dinner – roast squash – put half with pork in either a soup or a hash depending on the consistency. Have the other half for dessert.

Make soup for next week’s dinners

So there’s this SCA commons, but I have no idea whether there’s food or whether it’s pot luck or what. For that matter, I have no idea whether I want to go. It’ll probably depend on whether I offer anyone a ride.

If I don’t go, and if I bought chicken breasts, I’ll make Chicken Raft.


Bring Tea and Oil

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I am pondering putting in an order to Mighty Leaf for some more luxury tea. I can’t really afford it this month, but maybe next month.

And I’m noticing that they always have free shipping for orders over $75, so if anyone in the area wants to join in the order, that’d be awesome, too.

But here’s what I’m pondering while I’m not actually buying yet:

one from Column A: (Sexy Dessert-type Black teas that I’ll drink any ole time)
Pear Caramel
Orchid Oolong (and don’t let the Oolong part fool you, this is a yummy dark tea)

and one from Column B: (Warm and Toasty Green teas full of flavour)
Hojicha (on sale right now, if I buy 100)
Kyoto Rice

My mother would go in on the order by buying their Darjeeling, but while it’s a very wonderful tea I’m not sure it’s wonderful enough for the price. Other places do very well at your standard black teas.

Oh, and remember when I was pimping the olive oil people? Alejandro & Martin? Well I liked their oil, but I got an email saying that they are probably going out of business. The only discount is off shipping if you spend over $250 (HA!), but I did go and pick up a couple 100mL bottles before they completely ran out.




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So yesterday I was feeling antsy and a little achy, so I went for a leisurely three hour walk.

I bought some chocolate bars, popped into DiBruno brothers for some gooey cheese and a loaf of bread to eat it with, stopped in Williams Sonoma and registered for a free class on cocktail party tips (and ate yummy free samples), and then got some tea at Last Drop (which no longer carries Mad Hatter’s Teaparty, which doesn’t seem otherwise to exist outside of Canada) and sat outside to drink it with my cheese and bread.

Then I happened across a nifty block of Pine Street with a whole row of cute little boutique shops – my favorite one is here. Then I was almost there and I hadn’t been in a while, so I went over to check out Passional (NWS) – they now have two stores! – one for clothing and corsetry and a whole separate two-story shop with the sex toys and art gallery.

And then today, I went to the gym, too.

At work, however, I found out that I wasn’t supposed to work on Friday. It was a holiday and no one told me. However, my boss was there, too, and she saw me there. So I am going to get paid (overtime?) for showing up. Woo HOOO!

Also, I just tasted the chocolate I bought – Vosges’ macha tea dark milk chocolate – I am so happy – This stuff is incredible. It’s not astringent at all, just smooth and soothing.

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I think I’ll make mushroom risotto for dinner tonight – so the big question is whether I want to stick with what I know’ll be tasty or whether I want to try to add bacon and a tiny bit of maple syrup to change things up a bit.

I’m not usually a fan of maple syrup, but I think the bacon I usually use (for breakfast and stuff, I haven’t tried it in risotto yet) will taste… classier… with a bit of syrup drizzled about.

ETA: a drizzle of maple syrup worked even better than I expected.

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this place in chinatown has all you can eat sushi… I think for $22, but I didn’t write that down.

According to the woman on the phone (who was busy and might be wrong), it is available Mon-Thurs 11:30am – 10:30pm and Fridays 11:30am – 11:30pm.

I work 1-9pm. So I could either go very early or very late – or on a day I am off.

Would anyone else be interested in:

  • Thursday, November 22 (Yes, it’s Thanksgiving, but I’ve only got the one day off, so I don’t have anything more elaborate planned)
  • Monday, December 24
  • Tuesday, December 25th (if they are open)
  • Thursday, December 27th

And, no, I have no idea how good the sushi is. I’ve never eaten there before, either.


food list of joy

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[redacted] – you should tell me whether any of these meals pleases you, or whether there should also be random (KFC-type) food planned for Sunday!

food I have
green papaya (1/2)
roasted red pepper
cucumber and onion salad
lots of potatoes
1 perfect feeling avocado

1/2 chicken (dark meat only left)
leftover beef roast
duck stock
and I am going to buy a bottom round roast because they’re on sale

plain yogurt
half & half
cream cheese
sliced cheese nicked from reception at work

2 1/2 onion rolls
1-2 cups of leftover saffron basmati rice

Thursday, November 15
salmon will probably go off first, so I’ll have that tonight!
Maybe with mashed potatoes

breakfast – eel over rice
dinner – D&D munchies
(buy an apple and make more chicken/papaya curry (based vaguely on this recipe) to freeze with the basmati rice)

stuffing my face on free food?
quesadillas with avocado, red pepper, and any leftover seafood
(Make chili)
(boil stock and put in fresh container)

(buy sour cream)
(Make some kind of other soup to use up the stock?)

That leaves me with an unused roast of beef – the kind you need to make in thin slices… maybe stroganoff

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Hot date

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So I have occasional dates with a chef. It’s lovely.

And he brought gifts! I might have mentioned that I would occasionally like flowers, but this was better – he brought me salmon and eel and cucumber salad. That’s true romance.

Then he cooked the salmon for me (powdered garlic and ginger, 5 spice powder, ground nutmeg, and cracked brown mustard on the fish cooked in just a little olive and sesame oil, deglazed with rice vinegar and soy sauce, with sticky rice on the side), and we had some islay scotch to go with.

So usually I try to cook for him, instead of the other way around, because there’s less fun in doing for your down time what you do for work. But every now and then, it’s rather fun – and he’s generous about it.




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Man am I grumpy today.

I went to put the cover I bought to let the wicker couch I got for free survive the winter, and it didn’t quite fit. With the little wicker legs sticking out, there is a much greater chance of it (a)not surviving or (b)getting stolen. But I can’t bring myself to buy a chain for it because there’s nothing I can think of to chain it to that I am not willing to have damaged in an attempt to steal the couch.

However, while I was wrestling with the couch, I noticed that the last time the grass had been mowed, they had also mowed flat my blackberry brambles. It’s not like it wasn’t the fucking neighborhood drunk doing the mowing – and I know he knows that those are my fucking blackberries! If he thought he was pruning them for the winter, he could have just asked and I would have told him that they aren’t going to produce a single fucking blackberry until they can grow for *two* years. Fucker. And it’s not like he even bothered to mow down the *weeds* in the yard, either. If I’d noticed before that he’d done that, I wouldn’t have loaned his girlfriend (the former neighborhood cat lady) $5 this week.

Also, scheduling will not work for this weekend. Nothing. There are 15 things I could do, and none of them want to work work with the others. Also, I want a weekend off. Though it I have a weekend off, there are projects at home I need to work on that I have been very successfully procrastinating. And that’s not buddies a weekend off at all.



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I have a craving for steak, and yet I seem to be incapable of actually getting around to ordering it anywhere other than this one restaurant.

Or maybe I should just start taking iron supplements again. 🙂



pondering my finances

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Weight Watchers is coming to campus. They are having meetings every Tuesday – at a time (11:30am – 12:30pm) I can actually attend, even with my crazy work schedule. Starting November 13th. The initial sign up is less than half price, if you start either of the first two meetings, and then each week is $14 after that.

  • Can I afford it? Yes, but I could be putting that money toward credit card debt
  • I’ve done Weight Watchers before… and I thought it was one of the more sensible diets out there but
    • I wasn’t invested in being thin (beyond a certain weight, I started feeling cold and getting sick a little more frequently)
    • I got tired of obsessing over food quite that much
  • My household isn’t set up for it
    • I often pick up leftovers from my mother that aren’t going to be measured or made in a particular way
    • I guess I could still make large meals and save portions, but it’d call for a lot of tracking and calculating
    • there are, less with Weight Watchers than other programs, a lot of cheats to coming to the right amounts that require buying pre-packaged stuff (especially WW’s mysteriously light bread product), and I’ve been moving farther and farther away from artificial food products. It used to be that I couldn’t tell much difference between regular sour cream and diet sour cream – but now I can spot the carageenan and other texturizing agents right away, so I’d be doing more cutting things out than substituting 🙁